These tips can really help you create a warm space in your home. Here are a few highlights from the kitchen makeover.

Warmth with Lighting

The light fixtures and bulbs make a huge difference in a space. We when with the classic candle stick light in a modern style wrought iron. The bulbs are dimmable led and to stay with the modern feel we decided to skip the traditional "flame shape" for a rounded tube.

Tile with a splash

Trends come and go, make yourself unique. When we picked this tile, the sales rep said, "we have never sold this!" They said it is to busy, well in the right application it is perfect. Do not be afraid of a back-splash of color.

Custom Floral

This is the perfect spot to tie all of the colors of your room together. This centerpiece made with hints of blue, greens and purples tie it into the back-splash with the feel of fall not missing.
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